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on Lunedì, 02 Novembre 2015.

statistic id264810 facebook -number-of-monthly-active-users-worldwide-2008-2015


Thanks to one of my favorite stat sites ( we can see how that figure has grown in the past three years.

Beside Facebook’s groundbreaking revolution, other more specialized (purpose specific) on-line social networks offer now a variety of possibilities to get in touch with other people.

Though we are struggling to get rid of an economic crisis we do live in a world of possibilities, many of that available even before on line social networks. 

Before being able to manage our relationships in a virtual environment wasn’t there any way to exchange things (information, suggestions, affection, gossip etc, etc,) among individuals? 

Of course, networking behaviors (building, maintaining and using social contacts)happened well before the appearance of on-line platforms.

Net’O Scope moves from this to start giving some thought and hints on how to enrich and profit from our “social capital”.

This is the first of a few episodes about “the hidden power of social networks”1

Stay tuned for more! 



1 Cross, R. L., & Parker, A. (2004). The hidden power of social networks: Understanding how work really gets done in organizations.

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